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Dynamic Sports offers consulting services to soccer clubs and youth sports organizations; including nonprofit organizations with a sport for development mission. We start with your mission statement and the population that you serve and analyze how you utilize your resources and design activities/programs to reach desired short term, mid-term and long term goals. We also take a close look at your organizations curriculum, how you train your coaches/staff, how your organization implements the curriculum and what test or measurements your organization uses to evaluate the effectiveness of your programs in reaching desired objectives.

How Our Process Works

4 Step Process:

Step 1 – Organization fills out a detailed questionnaire

Step 2– Dynamic Sports analyzes the data

Step 3– Dynamic Sports offers feedback and recommendations as appropriate via video call or in-person visit

Step 4 – Follow up for review of effectiveness of new implementation strategies

Note – Dynamic Sports also offers coach training workshops and is available to meet with parent groups and the organizations board of directors individually or as a group.

Consultant – David Glass

David is a former division I women’s assistant and head basketball coach at Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Kansas City – Missouri and the University of Notre Dame. David served in a consulting role with Upward Sports for 3 years and as a Certified Financial Planner®. David is President and Director of First Touch Sports, a nonprofit with a mission on using sports as a tool to teach young people important values and life skills that will help them lead healthy and productive lives. David also is President of Dynamic Sports and develops curriculum used by a number of soccer clubs and youth sports organizations including Chesterfield United FC, The Richmond Strikers, Own Touch and the YMCA.

For more information on our consulting services, email us at