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Young Soccer Players


Life Skills Soccer Program for Clubs and Rec Programs

The Life Skills Soccer Program is designed to be a supplement added to a coaches regular practice plans. Each week a new positive character strength is introduced at the beginning of practice or during a water break. The character traits is defined and then there is an explanation of why this particular character trait is important and how it helps the players develop their full potential. Our program includes many of the character traits that the U.S. Soccer Federation has identified as important to the psychosocial development of players.

The Life Skills Soccer Program includes:

  • PDF Coach’s Guide
  • PDF Player’s Guides for Each Team Member
  • Life Skills Soccer Ball for Each Participant (sizes: 3,4,5)

Cost is $25 per participant. Coach’s and Player’s Guides are free.

click here to see sample of player’s guide

To order materials or for more information, contact David Glass at

Life Skills Program for After-School Soccer

The Life Skills Soccer After-school program is the perfect program for clubs or coaches that would like to partner with an area school to bring a high quality soccer program that offers more than just soccer and fun. Each week students will learn a new positive character trait such as respect, responsibility, cooperation, effort, determination and self-control.

The program includes:

  • PDF Coach’s Guide
  • Life Skills Soccer Ball for Each Participant (sizes: 3,4,5)
  • PDF Player’s Guide for Each Student
  • Advertising flyer to send home with students

Player’s Guide – Week 1 Respect (Potrait) pdf

Cost is $25 per participant. Coach’s and Player’s Guides are free.

To order materials or for more information, contact David Glass at


 School Lifes Skill Soccer Program

 The Life Skills Soccer Program for Schools can be used during physical education class or recess. Schools can choose to purchase either 15 or 30 Life Skills Soccer Balls and then pay one set price for the PDF of the Positive Character Student Work Books. 


This all-inclusive program provides:

  • PDF Teacher’s Guide of Soccer Skills and Life Skills
  • PDF of Student Work Books

Click here to see a sample of Student’s Work Book – Responsibility

Cost for balls: $375 for 15 balls and $700 for 30 balls. Student Work Book PDF’s cost fifty cents per student.

To order materials or for more information, contact David Glass at


Life Skills Soccer Kit for Mission Team

Our Mission Kit has all you need to take to reach the young people in the village you’re going to with soccer and break down walls and build relationships. Most children in developing countries have never had the opportunity to play with a real soccer ball.

The Mission Kit contains the following items:

  • 10 Life Skills Soccer Balls
  • 10 Cones
  • 1 Ball pump
  • 2 Whistles
  • Leader’s Guide
  • PDF of handouts

Clickhere to see sample Soccer Mission Kit Soccer Outline

Cost of the Life Skills Soccer Mission Kit is $300. Or, through our special Buy One Give One program, just sell 10  Africa Hope Soccer balls for sell $35 each and we’ll give you the Life Skills Soccer Mission Kit complete with 10 balls and soccer equipment free. Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges and taxes.

Africa Hope Soccer Ball

To order materials or for more information, contact David Glass at